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Posted on June 4, 2010


To those of you still following this blog, thank you.

You may be wondering why it has been so quiet. Maybe you didn’t notice. Well, you’ll see by the last post I launched a project at the end of my YIP year in Sweden. It’s taken flight and a lot of my time, and I’ve been blogging there, and for my application for Warriors Without Weapons, a powerful community leadership training that takes place in Brazil in January 2011 (

Since my last post, I have graduated from YIP (the last weeks were a life-changing experience), spent a week in Johannesburg for family, friends and the World Cup (highlight Ghana vs Uruguay live at Soccer City – don’t get me started) and then drove down the coast a few days to see my beloved country, friends and start surfing again (enter 300 metres of bliss in J-Bay). Then I spent 2 weeks in Cape Town checking in with family, catching up with myself, dealing with the break from intense community life, surfing to my heart’s content and loving the land and people where I live.

Then I rushed back to Europe suddenly, invited to help facilitate the Young Journalist category at the World Youth Congress in Istanbul, had 3 weeks of rather intense experience in this vibrantly charasmatic city of the ages (the capital of the world according to Napolean). I have now returned to Sweden to catalyze the next phase of the Representing Youth project with the founding partners here in Stockholm, and will be leaving again this week.

And here I sit writing this at YIP, of all places, where I have been fortunate enough to meet the new participants who fill the 3rd instalment of this incredible training up with a contagious inspiration and zest for life.

To take a closer look at what I am doing, here is one of the posts about my project work, and you can find much more on

Take care, and see you there 😉


culturetalent is a platform for creative collaboration to support the development and implementation of projects and initiatives that work towards creating a culture of social innovation.

culturetalent partnered with Fanzingo and Young Investors to develop and manage the Representing Youth initiative, to create opportunities for young change-makers to engage with the leading edge of change work that was present at Rework the World in Leksand, Sweden 2-5 June.

There has been a powerful convergence of intentions for this project, and culturetalent is proud to be there from the start, helping to build the collaboration and to clear the way for the young representers to use their talents and contribute their authentic and inspiring perspectives to the global challenges we face.

We are approaching this opportunity with an attitude of appreciation for the people striving together at Rework, to affirm these actions and raise awareness for the positive and promising possibilities emerging there. To illustrate this attitude, I would like to refer you to the following piece of inspiration…

In his latest TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson speaks clearly to the need for society to be aware of the ‘human resources crisis’ – to be aware that we are constantly building on a culture of supply and demand, supplying our energy 24/7 to a system that doesn’t satisfy us, but rather demands more and more from us, limiting our individual growth. He points out the need for an education revolution – to base it on supporting and fostering our individual talents, to encourage our children to follow their passion and fulfil meaningful occupations that allow them to say with conviction “I was born to do this”. Robinson points out that the portion of people he meets who can sincerely make this affirmation, are unfortunately in the extreme minority on this planet – but this can change… please watch the speech here..