Independence in Istanbul

Posted on September 13, 2010


some people have asked me: how was your trip? i went to istanbul for the world youth congress. there’s lots to share, which is still coming out in drips and drabs on, but here’s my take for a glimpse of this expansive experience more personally…

blue mosque, blue sky ..ndhct

the heat was real. it permeated my head and brought me to my knees. i started to love it. 40 degrees and 100% humidity. for real. and 35 at night, in the streets, in the hustling bustling party district of this densely populated city of empires. 20 million people living on top of each other. you smell them constantly. the sounds, sights and scents are always incredibly rich, almost overpowering.

the chaos of allowing.. excitement for the boat trip opens up in dance ..ndhct

a boat trip to islands and bike rides round and round, settling eventually on a hidden beach, i swam into a cool calm ocean cave that massaged my past as i floated on the pebble bed with subtle waves caressing me. to the dancing fervor of new friends, wild experiences and open adventures of heart. to the wealth of historical wisdom surrounding some of the most remarkable buildings in the world. to the incredible qualities of youth that exploded in all directions during this meeting. to the potential of endless new insights of how to work with this energy. how to conduct an orchestra of opportunities.

this trip inscribed inspiration on my skin.


self portrait with needle. ..ndhct

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