A Warrior’s Journey

Posted on May 23, 2012


my last blog post was september 11. i mean in september 2011. that is sordid, my apologies for leaving you hanging.

i took a step out of the blog world, being more into the real world, more in my self, and living more into my future. i’m getting there. it seems blogging is about writing up things that have happened. and since i have become so future-focused, it began to feel like a laborious task. but now i am back with the question of reflection – if we don’t use that part of our brains wisely, the part that reflects.. we may never truly see ourselves. and what then? hmm.

i have been on a simultaneously joyous and troublesome journey over the past few years. let’s just say intense. or that i have been intense on my journey. good news is i’m lightening up as i grow up. coming to terms with things. with the subtle learnings of becoming “adult”. learning that contentment has no content.

so now i can go back to sharing what it is that is really shaping my world and reflect on those goings on in and around me. if it is of any interest to you, i am grateful that you think so. i will do my best to keep your reading worthwhile, and provide some tip-top links to some ship-shape things in this ever-expanding global brain called the web.

lately i’ve been on some mightily thrilling engagements, and it’s just about to get hotter – so i will be updating you all poste-haste. for now, please view, support and share my campaign alongside, to fund the change journey i am taking to contribute to some really life-giving community leadership processes in brasil.

please help me on A Warrior’s Journey