a river runs through it..

Posted on June 4, 2012


river. of january. rio. de janeiro. it’s thick with the air of discontent. i take a breath outside of the mayhem. to breathe. flow. like a river.


Going gonzo from here on out. So I arrived yesterday in Rio. A 10 hour flight from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, but 24 hours of travel nonetheless. From the hillside fishing village of Kalk Bay to the earthy, mosquito-ridden psuedo-buddhist retreat centre I now find myself in, Sitio das Pedras (Site of Stones). It’s a powerful place. Despite a sleepless 24 hours prior and the fact that I have carried my fatigue to yet another destination, despite the humidity and confusion that complicates our cohesion, despite the fear that the world is falling apart, the buddhist monks from Thailand say everything is going to be ok.

Broken patches of sawn-off Portugues infiltrates my English thinking. I try to learn with the left ear and listen with the right. With half a mind for the staggered conversation happening through the leaves outside my window, I struggle to focus. An oxymoron. One shouldn’t have to struggle to focus. Focus is the opposite of struggle. “0:10 Remaning” screams the battery-o-meter relentlessly from the corner of my eye. 0:09 Remaining. Oh no.

Now I have to stop this and be at one with my thoughts. Time to breathe and join the meditation sessions inbetween frantic preparations for the work that lies ahead. Trying to catch up with the backlog of overlapping missed deadlines. In all this mess one could justify throwing in the towel – but then I wouldn’t be able to cope with the sweat. Something is telling me that something needs to change. And I’m contemplating my life. What am I doing here, throwing myself into the deep end of collective epiphanies?

Without my mac charger or reliable internet, things are about to get real. 0:03 Remaining.

Ate mais. 

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