Warriors Without Worries!

Posted on July 12, 2012


Constantly captivated by the courageous cultivation of community collaboration, I catapulted into GSA2012 (Guerreiros Sem Armas / Warriors Without Weapons), committed to contribute my core competencies to the complexity of this constellation of contemporary co-creators, completely content with this choice.

Now, 17 days and half-way into this program of intense personal development and collective growth, I am beginning to see the results of this choice.

This powerful training of 59 young stars from around the world, who have been selected from 600+ applicants over 6+ months of process, to join the fabled community of a 300+ Guerreiros Sem Armas who have been trained in this methodology over the last 12 years, is something to behold. Joining the program for the second time as a Co-facilitator, after living the experience as a participant in January 2011, is revealing a multiplicity of deeper insights that are already having a profound impact on how I view this world, and act in it. The opportunity has to be grabbed with both hands, and it to do this it involves a lot of Letting Go of what we’ve brought with us.

From the first moment of arrival, every step of the ‘Way of the Warrior’ is filled with learning, where we stretch and probe our limits, inviting a series of micro-revolutions in our own lives, our collective experiences, and the communities in which we work. We have to learn to move elegantly in the chaos, together. We have to hold our own strength and simultaneously submit to the will-power of the group. A challenging oxymoron, an exuberant expression of Ubuntu. I am because you are.

Living the micro and macro of community leadership in each challenge, the Guerreiro is faced with countless mirrors, entering a kind of fun-house of personal and collective inner challenges that are held together by a strong red thread of trusting our individual intentions to serve each other in co-creating the reality we dream of. In the centre-point of these dreams, the hub of the wheel of change where our ‘spokes’ of intention intercept, you can find the powerful invitation to believe in the best world possible, and to do everything we can to co-create it. A kind of Utopian expansion of the mind, heart and will provokes us to search deep for our strengths, explore and use them to build a robust and joyful common practice, rely on the Guerreiros who have come before us to lead the process, become comfortable with exposing our weaknesses, and hold each other up with every step. It ain’t easy, but it’s fun!

The emphasis on joy and ‘Playing to Change the World’ with the Oasis Game methodology is a contagiously healing aspect to the program. Every challenge is met with cries of joy and support from all directions. The atmosphere is mostly loud and expressive, interspersed with a few calm spaces for reflection that are carefully held by our hosts. This and whatever moments of solitude you manage to steal from the schedule, is your only peace. It is for me perhaps the biggest challenge, finding time for yourself – just yourself – during this program, where basically every minute of every day there is an opportunity to engage in a beneficial conversation or task with a fellow Guerreiro, community member or facilitator. Sleep is a precious resource in these days, and despite the consistent need to rest our bodies and minds, it is perhaps the most limited activity. However, if you are able to be one of the first to wake in the early hours of the morning (or are still up preparing for the next day), you can feel the depth of sleep that is swallowing every Guerreiro, hear the unspoken anticipation for the day of challenge and opportunity that awaits us, and almost see the powerful dreams floating through the air.

Like I said, constantly captivated.

So here I am, in a Permaculture lecture Q&A (one of 5 simultaneous workshops in socio-economic-environmental-cultural leadership) to soak up some ideas for the design of community dreams we have entered into. This is the only moment I have found in two weeks to write a blog post. The next six days are packed with preparing and implementing action projects to manifest solutions for community uplift. The 59 Guerreiros, facilitated by 9 co-facilitators and supported by the strong team of Instituto Elos, are throwing themselves in teams of about 22 each in 3 close-knit communities around Santos, São Paulo, Brasil, where the program is based. These communities are the real beneficiaries of this program, and they are beginning to show their utmost appreciation for this, which is a powerful motivator for the task that lies ahead: mobilizing ample resources, both human and material, to realize the community dreams we have rigorously uncovered in the first two weeks of the program.

So here we are, living it. It feels like an effort in vain to try and describe this experience here, as these words can only but point to a limiting description of it, but I trust that if you are still reading this far it has been of value to you. There are many more forms of recording and documenting this in multimedia that is being made available all over the web. Please do yourself a favor and explore the links below to sense into the powerful inspiration for a better world that this ‘program’ (for lack of a better word) creates.

I am filled with gratitude for the wealth of experience that all this is providing me and my fellow Guerreiros. I am proud of contributing my best to this great happening, and I am certain that the outcomes of this collective journey are influencing hundreds of lives in countless positive ways.

That’s all I can say for now. Thank you for your time.


Warriors Without Weapons http://warriorswithoutweapons.net/
Elos Institute http://institutoelos.org/en/
Page https://www.facebook.com/GuerreirosSemArmas
Photos https://www.facebook.com/GuerreirosSemArmas/photos

Event for volunteers on action days 14-17 July https://www.facebook.com/events/509306395749898/ 

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