I am a young changemaker working and playing for the development of conscientious social innovations that support youth engagement in global challenges.

I am an emerging social entrepreneur trained in the Art of Participatory Leadership as a process facilitator and conversation host and have a background in project & event management, PR & media, as a young cultural creative.

I believe in the collective power and wisdom of youth to truly shape a better world for ourselves, and those who come after us.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I have grown up in a constantly transforming and challenging socio-economic-political environment, which inspires me to strive for positive social change; and as a freelancer working in multiple disciplines, I have been fortunate to collaborate with many courageous individuals and gain experience that helps me to contribute to many social change initiatives.

I am currently developing special projects with the intention to create potential for community development process and social innovation through creative collaboration.

Feel free to find out more on my LinkedIn: ndhct and read about my current Warrior Journey.

You can follow my updates on twitter.com/ndhct

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