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Warriors Without Worries!

July 12, 2012


Constantly captivated by the courageous cultivation of community collaboration, I catapulted into GSA2012 (Guerreiros Sem Armas / Warriors Without Weapons), committed to contribute my core competencies to the complexity of this constellation of contemporary co-creators, completely content with this choice. Now, 17 days and half-way into this program of intense personal development and collective growth, […]

a river runs through it..

June 4, 2012


river. of january. rio. de janeiro. it’s thick with the air of discontent. i take a breath outside of the mayhem. to breathe. flow. like a river. DAY ONE | DIA UMA Going gonzo from here on out. So I arrived yesterday in Rio. A 10 hour flight from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, but 24 […]

A Warrior’s Journey

May 23, 2012


my last blog post was september 11. i mean in september 2011. that is sordid, my apologies for leaving you hanging. i took a step out of the blog world, being more into the real world, more in my self, and living more into my future. i’m getting there. it seems blogging is about writing […]

new year revolution

January 8, 2011


To everything, there is a season.. and as they say, ’tis the season.. So here I am, turning. My first step on Brazilian soil. A lifelong dream come true, and the purpose of being here: to realize more dreams. Not isolated individual selfish dreams, the ones that limit our futures, but simple, unanimous and miraculous dreams, […]

in all fairness..

November 26, 2010


At first I am troubled to see that my blog here is slowly retracting into a cobwebbed corner of the wordpress cyberspace, whilst I am living up a whole new paradigm of change back on home soil digging for the soul of South Africa. Coming across people and processes aplenty that I would love to […]

Independence in Istanbul

September 13, 2010


some people have asked me: how was your trip? i went to istanbul for the world youth congress. there’s lots to share, which is still coming out in drips and drabs on, but here’s my take for a glimpse of this expansive experience more personally… the heat was real. it permeated my head and […]

Notes for the future

August 31, 2010


These are the pre-notes I wrote in the morning and on the train the day before my speech at En Dag för Framtiden on Sunday 29 August in Stockholm, the follow up event to Rework the World where we launched the Representing Youth initiative. Both events were hosted by the Tällberg Foundation to engage in-depth […]