Independence in Istanbul

September 13, 2010


some people have asked me: how was your trip? i went to istanbul for the world youth congress. there’s lots to share, which is still coming out in drips and drabs on, but here’s my take for a glimpse of this expansive experience more personally… the heat was real. it permeated my head and […]

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Notes for the future

August 31, 2010


These are the pre-notes I wrote in the morning and on the train the day before my speech at En Dag för Framtiden on Sunday 29 August in Stockholm, the follow up event to Rework the World where we launched the Representing Youth initiative. Both events were hosted by the Tällberg Foundation to engage in-depth […]

cultivating culturetalent

June 4, 2010


To those of you still following this blog, thank you. You may be wondering why it has been so quiet. Maybe you didn’t notice. Well, you’ll see by the last post I launched a project at the end of my YIP year in Sweden. It’s taken flight and a lot of my time, and I’ve […]

Representing Youth @ Rework the World 2-5 June

May 26, 2010


So, the culmination of my year in Sweden is upon me.. For my “individual” project I have decided to collaborate with a team of young change-makers to co-produce a powerful youth media initiative. We will be telling the stories at the Rework the World summit on Youth, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability – from a youth perspective, […]

Mapping the Kaospilot International Leadership Network

May 12, 2010


Mapping the Kaospilot International Leadership Network A project by Nathan Daniel Heller On internship from the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) in Sweden April 2010 DEBRIEF Location: Kaospilot International, Mejlgade 35, Århus, Denmark Date: 12-30 April 2010 Need: The Kaospilot program has an extensive reach. There are multiple points of recognized leadership in the international […]

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The Power of Youth.

April 26, 2010


New home page: Navigator of the north and celebrator of the south, wondering. Between my home land of proud young South Africa and engaging in aging Northern Europe, I find synergies of youth working together in countless world-changing ways, planting new seeds of global community, tending to the Work that needs to be done. […]

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Always look for your hand-print.

April 22, 2010


Another ace learning from Peter Senge in the Global Classroom of the Presencing Institute at MIT Sloan School of Managment. I walked in late but picked up some really powerful concepts, which are always bound to be pulling your attention when you hear this man talk. He is just so present and interested. Like a […]